Starmus Festival was born with the aim of bringing the most universal science and the art more accessible to the public.

The perfect symbiosis between astronomy, art and music that attracts worldwide year after year, the brightest minds in the history of humanity, to the island of Tenerife.

The event rises to a level where others fail.

Tribute to Stephen Hawking, Beyond the horizon

The event will bring together the world’s leading space travellers, stargazers and astrophysicists for an interactive extravaganza, inviting the general public to discover the wonders of the Cosmos through science, art and music.


Rick Wakeman composes a song called Starmus

Famous British keyboardist Rick Wakeman, another of Starmus’s musical ambassadors, gave a memorable concert with Brian May during the last edition, and will be providing accompaniment to Starmus 3 with his video composition “Starmus”, to be released this week on the festival’s YouTube channel.

Stephen Hawking
Keynote speaker Starmus II

“I greatly enjoyed the STARMUS festival. It is a combination of science and rock music, both of which I love. I hope there is a STARMUS next year, and you invite me. In a world beset by so many terrible problems, and so lacking in solutions, STARMUS offers a ray of hope. “

Neil Amstrong
Keynote speaker Starmus I

“Let us hope that our grandchildren at our age can look back and say, “The 20th century was a century of advancement and improvement in technology, and the 21st century was a century of advancement and improvement in human character.”

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