Since the very first Homo Sapiens looked up at a star-filled sky we have been awestruck by the vastness of the cosmos. Even today we remain humbled by the sheer immensity of space, especially as through our progress in physics and astronomy, we are now aware of the tremendous distances involved – even to our closest neighbouring stars.
The Starmus Festival is a combination of science, art and music that has featured presentations from Astronauts, Cosmonauts, Nobel Prize Winners and prominent figures from science, culture, the arts and music. Its an astronomical and artistic experience that will enhance your perception of your place in the Universe and change your life forever!
Let us hope that our grandchildren at our age can look back and say, ‘The 20th century was a century of advancement and improvement in technology, and the 21st century was a century of advancement and improvement in human character. Neil Armstrong Starmus Festival 2011

Discover the Cosmos and Change the World

Astronauts, Cosmonauts, Nobel Prize winners, eminent researchers and prominent figures from science, culture, the arts and music will preside over a conference to both discuss and try to answer the big questions of the day

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A gathering of eminent astronauts, astronomers, cosmonauts, physicists and engineers inside the GTC Roque de los Muchachos Observatory Dome, on the beautiful island of La Palma. The 10.4 meter Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) is the largest optical/infrared telescope in the world.
108-minutes of the latest news and discoveries in astronomy delivered first hand by World experts in the field. We will discuss some key problems that concern all humanity and will suggest some possible solutions.

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Roundtable discussion timed to last as long as the first ever journey into space by Yuri Gagarin in 1961.

Teide Starmus Party

In the magical surroundings of the Teide National Park you will feel as if you are walking on the Moon, with its surreal lunar-like landscapes. Even without the aid of a telescope you will be able to see the magnificent Milky Way stretching high above you from horizon to horizon.

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Observe the firmament, and feel as if you can actually touch the stars in the finest open air observatory on Tenerife.


With the right equipment, a lot of preparation, a great deal of patience, and maybe just a little luck – you can capture the amazing beauty the night sky has to offer us.
Capturing ancient photons. Capture that elusive award-winning night-sky image from anywhere on Earth and you could win an invitation to the Starmus Festival plus an hour to see the Universe as never before using the largest optical telescope on Earth – the GTC Roque de los Muchachos Observatory” on the island of La Palma.

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Sonic Universe

Music and dance, a celebration of life, an enrichment of the soul. Feet stamping upon Mother Earth, sounds creating other sounds.
An exceptional concert of modern music for your enjoyment. A message of harmony sent into space that will reverberate to the edges of the Universe. Sounds and emotions entwined forever in this unique experience.

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Paradise on Earth

From Mount Teide’s 3,718 metre summit down to the beach, from the mysterious “laurisilva” forests to the desert landscapes, from snow to sun, from well frequented tourist haunts to well-hidden locations – everything less than an hour apart – and with 20C average temperatures all year round.

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