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Once upon a time on the moon

Featuring Hans Zimmer

Starring Brian May, Rick Wakeman

Once upon a time on the Moon… Something that sounded like a fairy tale to generations of people became a reality fifty years ago. The 2019 Starmus Festival celebrates mankind’s first step on the Moon, coinciding with the 50 th anniversary of this great event in human history. This year’s theme, “A Giant Leap”, brings together the most brilliant minds in the fields of space exploration, astronomy, cosmology and planetary science to exchange views and discuss – and also celebrate – their findings.

The event kicks off with a spectacular opening concert entitled “Once upon a time on the Moon”. Here, artists including Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, Queen cult guitarist & composer Brian May and Yes star Rick Wakeman, together with the 21 st Century Orchestra & Choir, will pay tribute to the unique connection between space, science and music, in the presence of several Apollo astronauts. Zimmer’s film scores for “Inception” and “Interstellar” offer the perfect sound for this – combined with unique visuals from “Interstellar” visual effects creator Paul Franklin and Nobel laureate physicist Kip Thorne, guitar hero Steve Vai, they will ensure a Galactic experience. David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, as interpreted by Rick Wakeman and astronaut Chris Hadfield, and a fantastic all-star finale with Queen hits, are also on the programme. This special evening will conclude with the announcement of the winners of the Stephen Hawking Medal, which was personally inaugurated by Hawking in 2016 to honour those who are particularly committed to promoting public awareness of science.

A limited number of front row seats with the best view of the stage are available via starmus.com website. These tickets include a surprise gift!

Other tickets priced from 90 to 350 CHF are available on Ticketcorner.

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Due to limited capacity of the venue, the organization can NOT guarantee the availability of tickets

The tickets bought through www.starmus.com include:
• access to all the lectures in the Samsung Hall
• coffee breaks
• access to the ceremony of The Stephen Hawking Medal Award for Science Communication and Hans Zimmer Concert to be celebrated in Hallenstadion
• access to STAR PARTY
• access to other events of the festival that may be organised and that are not labelled as not included in the programme
• documents and passes for the event

Tickets do not include: Accommodation, Touristic excursion, Travel expenses, and Personal insurance.

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