Why Bern?

We decided to celebrate Starmus in Bern because:

  • Bern is the cradle of the unique Solar Wind Composition experiment sent to the Moon on board of Apollo missions. The experiment was designed by Professor Johannes Geiss of the University of Bern.
  • The University of Bern has a strong and long-lasting tradition of Astronomy with excellent research facilities and top-quality scientists.
  • Bern is one of the most accessible cities in Europe with excellent connections from nearly anywhere and with spectacular views of the Alps.
  • Bern is where Albert Einstein wrote his five most impactful research papers.

Why 2019?

  • 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the first step of the man on the Moon.
  • 2019 is the 60th anniversary of the first unmanned landing on the Moon surface.
  • 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the International Astronomical Union.


Bern is a great place to meet! The unique charm of this UNESCO World Heritage-listed city, the stress-free atmosphere, but also its compact size make Bern an ideal setting for conventions and meetings of any kind.

The Swiss capital boasts an outstanding infrastructure: Zentrum Paul Klee, Stade de Suisse, Gurten - Park im Grünen, Kursaal Bern and BERNEXPO all offer attractive venues for events. The practically car-free Old Town with its historic building facades, appealing shops, restaurants and cafés lends the city a slower-paced, relaxed lifestyle – a rare feat in today’s hectic world!

Be it a convention, conference, exhibition, general meeting, or a major event: Bern impresses with its excellent infrastructure with 33 hotels of all categories, over 2.000 hotel rooms and more than 300 restaurants, bars and cafés. And everything is close at hand since venues, attractions, restaurants and shops can all be easily reached on foot, by tram or bus. 

But not only that: with Zentrum Paul Klee, Einstein Museum, a visit to the show dairy in the Emmental or a day’s excursion to the Jungfraujoch, any visit to Bern is sure to be sensational and unparalleled experience for domestic and foreign participants alike. Bern is dynamic and visionary, with the BearPark and the Westside experience park designed by leading architect Daniel Libeskind as the city’s latest landmarks. The latter includes a shopping center, a large aqua park and a Holiday Inn hotel – all under one roof. Unique attractions that the participants of any event will be certain to value highly.

Bern Ticket – Free public transport for overnight guests

Since June 2014, there is no more fumbling for public transport tickets when visiting the Swiss Capital – every guest automatically receives a “Bern Ticket” when staying overnight in Bern. The ticket includes free transportation with all busses and trams in the inner city, as well as free rides with the Gurten- and Marzilibahn.

Bern as a transport hub

Situated at the heart of Switzerland and in the center of Europe, Bern’s location is ideal. Lying only a few kilometers south of the city is BERN Airport with home-carrier SkyWork Airlines, linked to the rest of the world via Munich, London City, Berlin, Barcelona and other European cities. Expressways connect Bern with Switzerland’s other cities and its neighboring countries. There are six multi-story car parks in the inner city. A car-park routing system beyond all expressway exits provides information about approach routes and available parking spaces. International trains such as TGV and ICE stop at the main railway station, from where commuter train, bus and tram services serve the entire region.

Those with more time on their hands might wish to venture on an excursion into the surrounding region. Here again, Bern scores highly: the Alps, the Bernese Oberland, Emmental, three-lakes region, Jura, Lake Geneva region, central Switzerland and Valais can all be visited on half-day and day excursions.

BERNEXPO – Switzerland’s largest open-air infrastructure

BERNEXPO Groupe offers live marketing and provides an attractive framework for events with up to 5.000 participants. On 41.000 square meters of covered event area and a newly renovated conference center with plenary room, conference rooms and lounge. Moreover, the generous open-air area is ideal for live performances, promotions or combined indoor/outdoor events. Several restaurants, bars and food stands and the congress catering leave nothing to be desired in terms of culinary indulgence.

Gurten – For meetings with perspectives

864 meters above sea level, located in the middle of nature and yet still close to the city, Gurten - Park im Grünen offers magnificent views across Bern and the Alps. The new Gurten Pavilion, opened in June 2014 is the latest gem among Bern’s venues and accommodates up to 500 people.

Gurten further provides seminar and banqueting rooms of various sizes, a concert stage at the club Uptown, a rustic vaulted-ceiling cellar and a selection of restaurants – the Gurten team will develop tailor-made solutions for unforgettable events on Bern’s local mountain. All this is conveniently accessible by funicular railway.

Suitable supporting programs

Bern impresses – excitingly, entertainingly, naturally, originally and unforgettably. The walks through the city and other offers under the "City Tours" section are perfectly suitable as a traditional and informative social event program. Be it an exclusive get-together for management level personnel, a team building exercise or simply a fun company outing – everything is possible in Bern.

You can find information and brochures about your stay in the city and region at BERN.COM