Q.: Is Starmus expensive?

A:. The early-bird standard ticket for Starmus costs 900 Euros. That is 150 Euros per day for many, many hours of star-studded lectures, concerts, parties, panel discussions, coffee-breaks… Access to one such lecture or concert alone might easily cost you 200 Euros and even more! This makes Starmus one of the least expensive events of our times, even if you buy at late registration rate which will total to 1200 Euros (200 Euros per day)!

That said, Starmus offers many types of discounts to make science and art even more accessible. See below if you qualify for any of those – and enjoy the Starmus experience!


Q.: What discounts are available and who is entitled to them?

A.: The early-bird student discount is as large as 50% (450 Euros if you buy before March 31). After that date, students will pay 550 Euros till May 31 and 750 Euros after June 1.

Children under 14 attend free of charge.

Early-bird rates are also available for the general public (see the purchase page).

Previous Starmus participants are offered a discount based on the number of festival editions they have attended so far. Please write to promo@starmus.com to obtain your discount and further instructions on how to use it.

Please note that discounts are not cumulative. You are encouraged to use the one that suits you best.


Q.: Will there be online streaming for the lectures and performances?

A.: We provided free online streaming for Starmus IV in Norway, Trondheim, and plan to do so for Starmus V in Zurich as well. Further announcements will appear on our website, just stay tuned in!

Please note that the concerts will not be livestreamed.


Q.: If I buy a ticket for myself and can’t attend, what do I do?

A.: You can cancel your ticket and get refund (please see Terms and Conditions for refund details).


Q.: Is this really true? Are all these people coming to give talks at Starmus?

A.: Actually, it is! All these Nobel Prize winners and legendary musicians, all these pioneers of space exploration and stars are actually giving talks, concerts and performances at Starmus, and you can attend all those events and more!

You can have a look at our social media channels and ask participants of previous festivals for authentic accounts of their Starmus experience.


Q.: Can I buy a day pass to the festival?

A.: We do not offer day passes because Starmus is an experience that cannot be fragmented. Besides, we don’t think that any particular Starmus day is better or worse than the others and cannot fix a price for separate elements of the festival. For the same reason, no passes to single events will be offered.

Another reason for this is that if the festival is sold out (which is highly probable), then one person blocking 1 pass for just one day will mean denying another person the opportunity to become part of the whole Starmus experience, and we want to ensure the access to science and art to as many people as possible.


Q.: Can two people share one ticket?

A.: No. each ticket is associated with one name and can be used by one person only.


Q.: I am under age. Can I attend Starmus?

A.: You are most welcome! You must be accompanied by an adult and if you are under 14, you can attend free of charge if your accompanying adult has acquired a general public ticket. If you are over 14, you can use the student discount.


Q.: Will there be an autograph session?

A.: There will be no official autograph sessions due to the limited availability of the speakers and to the large number of participants. Seriously, if you were an Apollo astronaut, would you like to spend 6-8 hours at Starmus signing books and T-shirts?

However, there will be a small autograph session for Starmus books exclusively.


Q.: Why did Starmus go to Zurich?

A.: Zurich is the centre of Europe, you can get there by train or by car from Europe, and its infrastructure is extremely powerful. It offers a range of accommodation options for all tastes and ages, from 2-3-star hotels and hostels to luxury accommodation. You can also find reasonable pricing for any service in Zurich.