February 24, 2019

Reminder: request your promo code!


Dear Starmus Community!

If you have attended Starmus before, you can have your Starmus V ticket a discounted price.

Those who have attended 1 previous Starmus get a 10% discount.

2 previous Starmus festivals = 25% discount.

3 previous Starmuses = 50% discount.

Those who have bought tickets to all four Starmus festivals get a FREE ticket to Starmus V!

To request your discount, please write an email to promo@starmus.com and inidcate your name, email address and the festivals you have attended.

Please note that the discounts are not cumulative: if you buy a student ticket, the discount will not be applied to your ticket price.

If you have already received your promo code, don't let it expire. It is valid for one week.

The offer will expire soon, grab your discount now!