June 15, 2018

Starmus V tickets will go on sale this summer!


Dear Starmus Community!

As you remember, we were going to launch the ticket sale for Starmus V today, June 15th.

We were excited as much as you were, and were impatient to put the tickets on sale and see you all rush to secure your sear at Starmus V.

However, we have some pending issues due to which we have to postpone the ticket sale in order to ensure the best possible conditions for everyone. We had also previously announced that we will do our best to keep the ticket price as low as possible and affordable for as many Starmus fans as possible.

This is why we have to take more time on this and fix some pending issues before we can announce the ticket sale.

We hope to put the tickets on sale this summer and will be happy to welcome each and every one of you to Starmus V!

Stay tuned in and keep an eye on our social media pages and the website!


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