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Under the name of the greatest scientist of the 20th and early 21st centuries, Stephen Hawking, and sponsored by Starmus, the most ambitious Science festival of all time, the Stephen Hawking Science Medal is a prestigious award which recognizes the merit of popular science on an international level.
The design of the medal used a portrait of Professor Hawking by cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first man to perform a spacewalk and member of the Advisory Council Starmus since its first edition. The other side combines the image of Alexei Leonov of the first spacewalk and the iconic guitar – the “Red Special” – to demonstrate music, another major component of the Starmus Festival.
Winners 2016
Jim Al-Khalili

Jim Al-Khalili

Physicist, author and broadcaster

I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be the very first recipient of the Stephen Hawking medal for science communication, particularly as there are so many great communicators out there these days. This a vindication that practicing research scientists can also be accepted and acknowledged as successful communicators. Like Stephen, I feel strongly that it is both a duty and privilege to share my wonder about the workings of the Universe and our place in it with as wide an audience as possible. I suppose you could say that what defines me is that I’m an ‘explainer’. After all, what’s the use of learning something new about the world, if you don’t then tell everyone about it?

Particle Fever

Particle Fever

Documentary Film

 “I’m deeply honored to receive this new award for science communication. I always feel great satisfaction when I hear that someone responded to Particle Fever – the fact that it was Stephen Hawking makes it truly special”.

Mark Levinson

“It is fantastic to win this medal.  Stephen Hawking is a great physicist and great communicator of science, and in both has left an indelible mark on the planet.  It is truly an honor.”

David E. Kaplan

Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer

Film soundtrack composer

I feel truly grateful and deeply honored to be awarded the STARMUS Stephen Hawking Medal in the category of Music and Arts. We artists constantly strive to search for and provoke through new questions in our work. That is one of the links between the arts and the sciences. The constant desire to be part of the adventure of the unknown.

Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication